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Laser Cutting

Eaton Fabricating Providing Laser Cutting in Ohio

The awesome power of light is harnessed in the form of hi-tech lasers that can cut intricate contours and parts that seem impossible at first. Watching the sheer energy of light slice through 1″ of mild steel or delicately carve copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. is inspiring. Consider the use of light force when you are designing a project with unusual details or materials.

Our Trumpf lasers can etch any text or images with precision for nameplates control labels or anyplace where a permanent marking would be perfect.

Laser Cutting Capabilities:

  • • 5000 Watt Trumpf Laser 3040 84”x164” Table
  • • 5000 Watt Trumpf Laser 5030 60”x120” Table
  • • Up to 1” Carbon Steel
  • • Up to 750” Stainless Steel
  • • Up to 625” Aluminum
  • • Copper
  • • Brass
  • • Titanium


Our Laser Cutting and Etching Process