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Our Industrial Chain On Edge Conveyors move past common capacity, durability, stability and positioning accuracy limitations to provide the finishing industry with the quality finishing, coating and processing system needed for quality, high production operations.

Industrial Chain on Edge Conveyors are available in five weight ratings to meet each customer’s requirements:

  • 5 lbs
  • 8 lbs
  • 15 lbs
  • 35 lbs
  • 100 lbs


Spindle type options include Sprocket or Sheave Rotating, installed under the top of the rack, Non-rotating and Detent at 90 or 180 degrees. Select from Pin or Taper lock spindles. We can also provide custom spindle types from customer tooling.

Conveyor options

  • The conveyor take up can be controlled through manual operation or air operated automatic.
  • Spindle rotators may use single and multiple spindles, excellent for quick change over and short runs.
  • Conveyors are also available with a chain/sprocket drive and V-belt/sheave drive. Material options include standard Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Nickel-plated.
  • Options for conveyor control include indexing, continuous control or both, plus variable drive frequency (speed) control to customize production speed.
  • Conveyor track height and system layout, including turn diameter and spindle spacing, will be engineered according to the customer’s specific requirements.

We have additional components specially manufactured for Spindle Conveyor Systems:

  • Multi-Zone Spray Parts Washers – with waste collection for disposal ease
  • Pre-Heat, Cure and Dry-Off Ovens – gas fired or electric convection
  • Liquid and Powder Spray Booths – reclamation or waste disposal style
  • Enclosed Part Cool Down Tunnel and Forced Air

Oven Panels:
Oven panels are created from a panel layout; individual drawings are not required
Panel openings can be laser cut or punched, per customer preference
Male and female side channels have two offset rows of slots for superior heat dissipation
Male to female panel engagement ensures a tight fitting seam with no panel distortion
Eaton Fabricating can provide mechanical and electrical installation. Our central location also provides customers with lower shipping costs.


Look at Eaton Fabricating when considering Batch Cure ovens technical expertise combined with state-of-the-art fabrication capabilities will meet all your finishing needs.

Smaller Ideal Volume Applications
Our batch cure ovens can be specially customized for your specific application. Many of the special features of our larger systems can now be incorporated into a modest design for the smaller scale applications

Batch Cure Oven

  • Insulated panels, 4″ thick x 4 lb. density
  • Top mounted burner box with required CFM
  • Burner, Maxon natural gas or propane, .5 M BTU/HR with gas train
  • Exhaust fan, required CFM
  • Manual door(s), (as required)
  • Control panel
  • Inside working dimension, (as required)
  • Interior panels fabricated of 20- gauge, aluminized steel sheets
  • Exterior panels fabricated of 20- gauge aluminized steel sheets
  • Explosion relief panels
  • Combustion safeguards


Look at Eaton Fabricating when considering washers; technical expertise combined with state-of-the-art fabrication capabilities will meet all your finishing needs. Closed top design with conveyor located inside the housing, or open design utilizing brush seals constructed of 14 gauge, 304 stainless steel or 3/16″ thick carbon steel, double welded and reinforced provided for the entire spray section of the washer. Completely welded and constructed of 14 gauge material.
Zone dividers
Located at the entrance and exit of each spray zone, designed to reduce air currents and minimize cross contamination. Constructed of 14 gauge, 304 steel or 3/16″ thick carbon steel.
Drain Decks
Located between spray zones. Fabricated of 3/16′, 304 stainless steel or 1/4′ thick carbon steel. Reinforced to provide a walkway through the drain areas. Welded in place and water tight.
Each drain section will have NEMA 12 style access doors with ladder. Door openings are framed and mounted to minimize leakage. 30″ wide x 54′ high or custom
constructed of 3/16″, 304 stainless steel or 1/4″ thick carbon steel. Seams double welded for water tight construction. Tanks are extended for easy access to pump mounting and screens. Tanks are supported on 3″, 4″, and 6″ mild steel channel, sloped toward drain at approximately 1/4″ per foot.

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