Precision Bending

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360 tons of bending power applied with a dimensional tolerance of .005″is virtually unheard of, But it’s happening daily at EATON FABRICATING on their CNC controlled Trumpf brake.

Also completely programmable for precision repeatability and rapid changeover, our state-of-the-art machinery will get your projects done sooner with more precision.

Within minutes the work piece is cooled and can be shipped or sent on for further pre-assembly.

Just one of the many EATON ADVANTAGES!

  • Trumpf v320 164″ bed (360 ton)
  • Trumpf 5170 120″ bed (190 ton)
  • Trumpf v85 90″ bed (90 ton))
  • Trumpf 7050 60″ bed (50 ton)
  • Trumpf 5170S 144″ bed (190 ton)

Precision Bending Gallery